Postal Brownies

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Our handmade artisan chocolate brownies are everything you could want in a brownie; fudgey, super chocolate-y, rich and made from the highest quality ingredients. 

Each box contains 4 generous slices of handmade brownie presented in our signature white gift box.

We use the same couverture chocolate used throughout the rest of our chocolate products, including 35% milk chocolate with biscuit notes alongside 70% dark chocolate, creating the perfect balance of rich chocolate flavour without being too sweet. The free range eggs come from a farm just 5 minutes from our kitchen, and the caster sugar is from just 30 minutes from our doorstep too!

It is our firm belief that brownies should be perfectly fudgey and indulgent and with that super thin crackly top. 
Whether you eat them straight from the box, topped with double cream or heated up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, these brownies will put the biggest smile on any chocolate lover’s face.

Choose from:

Triple Chocolate

Milk and white chocolate in our rich 70% dark chocolate brownie 

Raspberry Cheesecake 

Our signature triple chocolate brownie, finished with swirls of tangy raspberry conserve and sweet cream cheese cheesecake mix

Allergen information

Our brownies are made using gluten - free flour, however due to the environment in which they are made, the are NOT gluten free.

Contains: milk, soya, egg

These brownies are made in a kitchen which handles all major allergens